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Michael O’Connor,  and I are joining each other again for another songswarm this coming May!  We’ll be swarming Birmingham, AL, on May 7th, at Moonlight on the Mountain!, and then we head over to Liberty Arts Center in Liberty, Tennessee for a Friday, May 8th performance where the swarm ensemble will include Anne McCueAnnecrop - sm

Anne came for an evening on her own this past January and we swarmed a bit then.  Michael and I’ve been honing our swarm skills in each others company for some time now, so I’m doubly excited to have the honor of swarming with these two very fine musician singer-songwriters! I have a feeling the room will fill quickly, RSVP soon.   Liberty Arts Center   seats about 40 folks and you can go to the website,  send an email or leave a message on the number listed there!

Tom Sturdevant and I wrote a song called, “Waitin’ on the Moon,” a few years back and Julian Chojnacki over @ Take 8 Films helped make a video for it.  Hope you like and will wanna share!


ShadesofTime The official Pozo Seco Singers website is where you can purchase the re-release of our final Columbia album, “Shades of Time” @ the best online price available.  There is a fabulous history of the group tucked inside along with 11 singles like, “I Believed it All”, and “Morning Dew” that never made it on an album before Don Williams and I retired the group.  We chose the picture on the cover to let people know that the Pozos were becoming a duo, which is how we performed for our last two years together.  The original Columbia album was produced by Elliot Mazur who went on to produce folks like Linda Ronstadt, Neil Young, The Band, Janis Joplin and a host of others.  It remains my favorite Pozo product.


PuffBunny Records release of my first solo album after the Pozo Seco Singers continues  to sell its way to perhaps becoming my #1 album over @ CDBaby!

Looking at this shot brings back some amazing memories of JMI Records (Jack Music International), Jack Clements company that Allen Reynolds was running when we met.

I lived across the street from Jack at the time and used to walk over with my guitar and mandolin  to write tunes with Allen in Jack’s office .  A couple of those appear on this album, along with some classic  Bob McDill, Dolly Parton, Delbert McClinton and Delmore Brothers songs.  You can order it NOW in time for stocking stuffers!

Jack passed away last year and is sorely missed by many of us who learned from him.  He mastered so many facets of the music industry from writing hit songs to producing legendary artists like Charley Pride, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash.  What I will always keep close are Jack’s comments on making music…”If we’re not having fun, then we’re not doing our job!” RIP Jack.

Don’t forget, Pie’s Texas Music for the best price on “So Little Has Changed” cd on the internet!  Tell Lucky I sent you!

Thank you all for your ears over the years and your continuing support of my music!

When your load feels heavy, remember that music can wash away the dust from everyday life!


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